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3/27/2020Wendy WeberNIHLiving Textbook Grand Rounds Series: Part 3-Tips for Putting Together a Successful PCT Grant Application
3/20/2020Eric Perakslis; Adrian Hernandez; Susanna NaggieDuke University; Duke Clinical Research Institute; Duke ForgeClinical Trials in the Time of COVID-19
3/13/2020Christopher Granger; Abhinav SharmaDuke University; McGill UniversityImpact of Regulatory Guidance on Evaluating Cardiovascular Risk of New Glucose-Lowering Therapies to Treat Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus–Lessons Learned and Future Directions
3/6/2020Leora HorwitzNew York University School of MedicineCreating a Learning Health System Through Randomization
2/28/2020Leah Tuzzio; Jeffrey Jarvik; Vincent MorUniversity of Washington; Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute; Brown University School of Public HealthLiving Textbook Grand Rounds Series: Part 2-Preparing for the Unknown: Conducting Pragmatic Research in Real-World Contexts
2/21/2020Sheana Bull; Michael HoUniversity of Colorado; University of Colorado School of Medicine; Department of Veterans AffairsNudge Study Updates
2/14/2020David AtkinsDepartment of Veterans AffairsDo Our Current Research Models Meet the Needs of a Learning Health Care System?
2/7/2020Mitesh PatelUniversity of PennsylvaniaUsing Nudges to Improve the Delivery of Health Care
1/31/2020Gregory Simon; Lesley CurtisDuke Clinical Research Institute; Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research InstituteLiving Textbook Grand Rounds Series Part 1: Pragmatic Clinical Trials: How Do I Start?
1/24/2020Justin EzekowitzUniversity of AlbertaCardiovascular Trials Over 2 Decades: Progress on Pragmatism?
1/17/2020Murali MattaFood and Drug Administration (FDA)Assessment of the Human Systemic Absorption of Sunscreen Active Ingredients: FDA-Sponsored Randomized Clinical Trial
1/10/2020Shivan MehtaUniversity of PennsylvaniaPragmatic Trials of Behavioral Economic Interventions to Increase Colorectal Cancer Screening
Checked Out To: Paula LanningGR-Slides-12-13-19.pdf
Checked Out To: Paula Lanning
12/13/2019Edward Melnick; Gail D'OnofrioYale University School of MedicineEMBED Update: Challenges and Solutions
Checked Out To: Paula LanningGR-Slides-12-06-19.pdf
Checked Out To: Paula Lanning
12/6/2019Richard Platt; Kevin Haynes; Jerry Gurwitz; Christopher Granger; Denise BoudreauHarvard Medical School; HealthCore; Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute; Duke University; University of MassachusettsMillions More People, Stronger Collaborations: The New and Improved NIH Collaboratory Distributed Research Network
Checked Out To: Paula LanningGR-Slides-11-22-19.pdf
Checked Out To: Paula Lanning
11/22/2019Nigam ShahStanford UniversityIt’s Time to Learn From Patients Like Mine
Checked Out To: Paula LanningGR-Slides-11-15-19.pdf
Checked Out To: Paula Lanning
11/15/2019Kevin HaynesHealthCorePCORnet: Health Plan Research Network Data Linkage and Patient Engagement with Patient-Powered Research Networks
Checked Out To: Paula LanningGR-Slides-11-08-19.pdf
Checked Out To: Paula Lanning
11/8/2019Jeffrey Jarvik; Patrick HeagertyUniversity of WashingtonLumbar Imaging with Reporting of Epidemiology: Initial Results and Some Lessons Learned
Checked Out To: Paula LanningGR-Slides-11-01-19.pdf
Checked Out To: Paula Lanning
11/1/2019Adrian Hernandez; Lesley Curtis; Kevin WeinfurtDuke University School of Medicine; Duke Clinical Research InstituteNIH Collaboratory: Looking Back and Looking Forward
Checked Out To: Paula LanningGR-Slides-10-25-19.pdf
Checked Out To: Paula Lanning
10/25/2019Richard WillkeISPORReal-World Evidence for Drug Effectiveness Evaluation: Addressing the Credibility Gap
Checked Out To: Paula LanningGR-Slides-10-11-19.pdf
Checked Out To: Paula Lanning
10/11/2019Michelle MeyerGeisingerObjecting to Experiments that Compare Two Unobjectionable Policies or Treatments: Implications for Comparative Effectiveness and Other Pragmatic Clinical Trials
Checked Out To: Paula LanningGR-Slides-10-04-19.pdf
Checked Out To: Paula Lanning
10/4/2019Eric Eisenstein; Kevin AnstromDuke University School of Medicine; Duke Clinical Research InstituteAscertaining Death and Hospitalization Endpoints: The TRANSFORM-HF Experience
Checked Out To: Paula LanningGR-Slides-09-27-19.pdf
Checked Out To: Paula Lanning
9/27/2019Rebecca Li; Frank RockholdDuke Clinical Research Institute; Harvard Medical School; VivliPreparing for Clinical Trial Data Sharing and Re-use: The New Reality for Researchers
Checked Out To: Paula LanningGR-Slides-09-20-19.pdf
Checked Out To: Paula Lanning
9/20/2019Diana Buist; Rachel WinerUniversity of Washington; Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research InstituteDesigning & Testing the Future of Home-based Cervical Cancer Screening: Results from a Collaborative Academic-Embedded Delivery System Pragmatic Randomized Trial
Checked Out To: Paula LanningGR-Slides-09-13-19.pdf
Checked Out To: Paula Lanning
9/13/2019Kevin HaynesHealthCore; PCORnetADAPTABLE Recruitment and Follow-up: Health Plan Research Network Engagement
Checked Out To: Paula LanningGR-Slides-09-06-19.pdf
Checked Out To: Paula Lanning
9/6/2019Matthew RoeDuke Clinical Research InstituteTransforming Medical Evidence Generation with Technology-Enabled Trials
Checked Out To: Paula LanningGR-Slides-08-23-19.pdf
Checked Out To: Paula Lanning
8/23/2019Vanita ArodaHarvard Medical School; Brigham and Women's HospitalOh Yes, We Have Tons of Patients Who Can Do This Study!
Checked Out To: Paula LanningGR-Slides-08-16-19.pdf
Checked Out To: Paula Lanning
8/16/2019Jen Goldsack; Andy CoravosDigital Medicine SocietyIntroducing the Digital Medicine Society (DiMe)
Checked Out To: Paula LanningGR-Slides-08-09-19.pdf
Checked Out To: Paula Lanning
8/9/2019Adrian HernandezDuke Clinical Research Institute; Duke University School of MedicineOpen Science: Are We There Yet?
Checked Out To: Paula LanningGR-Slides-08-02-19.pdf
Checked Out To: Paula Lanning
8/2/2019Murali DoraiswamyDuke University School of MedicineAI and the Future of Psychiatry
Checked Out To: Paula LanningGR-Slides-07-26-19.pdf
Checked Out To: Paula Lanning
7/26/2019Craig LipsetPeople-Centered Research FoundationDigital in Trials: Improving Participation and Enabling Novel Endpoints
Checked Out To: Paula LanningGR-Slides-07-19-19.pdf
Checked Out To: Paula Lanning
7/19/2019Brian SouthwellDuke ForgeMisinformation as a Source of Complication for Clinical Trials
Checked Out To: Paula LanningGR-Slides-07-12-19.pdf
Checked Out To: Paula Lanning
7/12/2019Harlan KrumholzYale University School of MedicineA Paradigm Shift in Disseminating Clinical and Public Health Research
Checked Out To: Paula LanningGR-Slides-06-28-19.pdf
Checked Out To: Paula Lanning
6/28/2019Consuelo WilkinsMeharry-Vanderbilt Alliance; Vanderbilt UniversityMoving Beyond Return of Research Results to Return of Value
Checked Out To: Paula LanningGR-Slides-06-21-19.pdf
Checked Out To: Paula Lanning
6/21/2019Daniel Munoz; Thomas WangVanderbilt University Medical CenterA Polypill Strategy for Cardiovascular Prevention in Underserved Populations–Can We Bridge the Gap?
Checked Out To: Paula LanningGR-Slides-06-14-19.pdf
Checked Out To: Paula Lanning
6/14/2019Robert MentzDuke Clinical Research Institute; Duke University School of MedicineGood Clinical Practice Guidance and Pragmatic Trials: Balancing the Best of Both Worlds in the Learning Health System
Checked Out To: Paula LanningGR-Slides-06-07-19.pdf
Checked Out To: Paula Lanning
6/7/2019Erich HuangDuke University; Duke ForgeIn Dreams Begin Responsibilities: Data Science as a Service-Using AI to Risk Stratify a Medicare Population and Build a Culture
Checked Out To: Paula LanningGR-Slides-05-31-19.pdf
Checked Out To: Paula Lanning
5/31/2019Harriette Van SpallMcMaster UniversityAdapting Clinical Trial Design to Meet the Needs of Learning Health Systems
Checked Out To: Paula LanningGR-Slides-05-17-19.pdf
Checked Out To: Paula Lanning
5/17/2019JoAnn MansonHarvard Medical SchoolThe VITamin D and OmegA-3 TriaL (VITAL): Design and Results of a Large Pragmatic Trial
Checked Out To: Paula LanningGR-Slides-05-10-19.pdf
Checked Out To: Paula Lanning
5/10/2019Eric PerakslisDuke University; Harvard Medical SchoolTreating Data as an Asset: Data Entrepreneurship in the Service of Patients
Checked Out To: Paula LanningGR-Slides-05-03-19.pdf
Checked Out To: Paula Lanning
5/3/2019Amol NavatheUniversity of PennsylvaniaEffects of Financial Bonus Sizes, Loss Aversion, and Increased Social Pressure on Physician Pay-for-Performance: A Randomized Trial and Cohort Study
Checked Out To: Paula LanningGR-Slides-04-26-19.pdf
Checked Out To: Paula Lanning
4/26/2019Janet Prvu BettgerDuke Clinical Research InstituteThe VERITAS Trial: Virtual Exercise Rehabilitation at the Intersection of Evidence, Implementation, and Policy
Checked Out To: Paula LanningGR-Slides-04-19-19.pdf
Checked Out To: Paula Lanning
4/19/2019Douglas ZatzickUniversity of WashingtonThe Trauma Survivors Outcomes & Support (TSOS) Pragmatic Trial: Revisiting Effectiveness & Implementation Aims
4/19/2019Douglas ZatzickUniversity of Washington
Checked Out To: Paula LanningGR-Slides-04-12-19.pdf
Checked Out To: Paula Lanning
4/12/2019Elise Berliner; Michelle LeavyAgency for Healthcare Research and QualityDevelopment of Harmonized Outcome Measures for Use in Research and Clinical Practice
Checked Out To: Paula LanningGR-Slides-04-05-19.pdf
Checked Out To: Paula Lanning
4/5/2019Michael AvidanWashington University in St. LouisThe ENGAGES Pragmatic Trial and the Power of Negative Thinking
Checked Out To: Paula LanningGR-Slides-03-29-19.pdf
Checked Out To: Paula Lanning
3/29/2019Miguel Vazquez; George OliverUT Southwestern Medical CenterICD-Pieces: Lessons Learned in an Ongoing Trial
Checked Out To: Paula LanningGR-Slides-03-22-19.pdf
Checked Out To: Paula Lanning
3/22/2019James TchengDuke Clinical Research InstituteEnvisioning Data Liquidity – The Pew Data Interoperability Project
Checked Out To: Paula LanningGR-Slides-03-15-19.pdf
Checked Out To: Paula Lanning
3/15/2019Gregory DanielDuke-Margolis Center for Health PolicyLeveraging RWE to Support Regulatory Decisions--An Update on Efforts to Inform Policy
Checked Out To: Paula LanningGR-Slides-03-08-19.pdf
Checked Out To: Paula Lanning
3/8/2019Justin EzekowitzUniversity of AlbertaDietary Trials in Heart Failure: SODIUM-HF
Checked Out To: Paula LanningGR-Slides-03-01-19.pdf
Checked Out To: Paula Lanning
3/1/2019Keith MarsoloDuke Clinical Research Institute; Duke University School of MedicineApproaches to Patient Follow-Up for Clinical Trials: What’s the Right Choice for Your Study?
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