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Welcome to the Knowledge Repository, a searchable collection of resources related to pragmatic clinical trials, compiled by the NIH Collaboratory Coordinating Center. For additional content and information about the NIH Collaboratory, visit

Introduction to ePCTs Self-Paced StudyIntroduction to ePCTs: Self-Paced Study1/17/2019Presentation
Response_to_FDA_Proposed_RuleResponse to FDA Proposed Rule on  Consent1/16/2019
GR-Slides-01-11-19Nudge: Text Messaging at Scale in Diverse Health Systems to Support Adherence to Cardiac Medication1/11/2019Grand Rounds
GR-Slides-01-04-19TRANSFORMing Research for Patients With Heart Failure1/4/2019Grand Rounds
GR-Slides-12-14-18Guiding Good Choices for Health (GGC4H): Testing Feasibility and Effectiveness of Universal Parent-Focused Prevention in Three Healthcare Systems12/14/2018Grand Rounds
Documentation-ChecklistDocumentation Checklist (Word)12/10/2018Checklist
Documentation-ChecklistDocumentation Checklist (PDF)12/10/2018Checklist
GR-Slides-12-07-18Cluster Randomized Trials in Health Care Delivery Systems: Lessons from STIC2IT12/7/2018Grand Rounds
Podcast 19 Validating a Computable PhenotypeValidating a Computable Phenotype12/5/2018Podcast
Implementation-Readiness-ChecklistImplementation Readiness Checklist (Word)12/3/2018Checklist
Implementation-Readiness-ChecklistImplementation Readiness Checklist (PDF)12/3/2018Checklist
GR-Slides-11-30-18Validating a Computable Phenotype: Should Results Change a Trial’s Pre-Specified Primary Outcome?11/30/2018Grand Rounds
Podcast 18 Data Linkage Within, Across, and Beyond PCORnetData Linkage Within, Across, and Beyond PCORnet 11/20/2018Podcast
GR-Slides-11-16-18Primary Palliative Care for Emergency Medicine (PRIM-ER)11/16/2018Grand Rounds
GR-Slides-11-09-18Data Linkage Within, Across, and Beyond PCORnet11/9/2018Grand Rounds
ADAPTABLE Supplement Patient-Reported Health Data Standards-2018-07-19Final report ADAPTABLE Supplement Patient Reported Health data elements11/7/2018Guidance document
Podcast 17 MDEpiNet RAPID and SPEED ProjectsMDEpiNet RAPID and SPEED Projects: Leveraging Real World Evidence to Get Better, Faster, Cheaper Medical Devices for Physicians and Patients11/7/2018Podcast
Weinfurt et al BMC 2017Pragmatic clinical trials embedded in healthcare systems: generalizable lessons from the NIH Collaboratory11/6/2018Journal article
Collaboratory AvsB Workshop Report 20181106Workshop Report: Embedded Pragmatic Clinical Trials of Therapeutic A vs. B Interventions11/6/2018Meeting summary
GR-Slides-11-02-18EMBED: Pragmatic Trial of User-Centered Clinical Decision Support to Implement Emergency Department-Initiated Buprenorphine for Opioid Use Disorder11/2/2018Grand Rounds
Raman et al JGIM 2018Cancer Screening Results and Follow-up Using Routinely Collected Electronic Health Data: Estimates for Breast, Colon, and Cervical Cancer Screenings10/28/2018Journal article
GR-Slides-10-26-18Making Measurements Meaningful 10/26/2018Grand Rounds
GR-Slides-10-19-18A New Path Forward for Using Decentralized Clinical Trials10/19/2018Grand Rounds
Coronado et al JAMA IM 2018Effectiveness of a Mailed Colorectal Cancer Screening Outreach Program in Community Health Clinics: The STOP CRC Cluster Randomized Clinical Trial10/15/2018Journal article
GR-Slides-10-12-18MDEpiNet RAPID and SPEED Projects: Leveraging Real World Evidence to Get Better, Faster, Cheaper Medical Devices for Physicians and Patients10/12/2018Grand Rounds
ACP PEACE Ethics and Regulatory DiscussionACP PEACE Ethics and Regulatory Discussion10/1/2018Meeting summary
Califf Ann Intern Med 2018A Beginning to Principles of Ethical and Regulatory Oversight of Patient-Centered Research10/1/2018Journal article
Podcast 16 Returning Individual Research Results to ParticipantsReturning Individual Research Results to Participants: Guidance for a New Research Paradigm10/1/2018Podcast
EMBED Ethics and Regulatory DiscussionEMBED Ethics and Regulatory Discussion9/28/2018Meeting summary
HiLo Ethics and Regulatory DiscussionHiLo Ethics and Regulatory Discussion9/28/2018Meeting summary
GGC4H Ethics and Regulatory DiscussionGGC4H Ethics and Regulatory Discussion9/28/2018Meeting summary
Nudge Ethics and Regulatory DiscussionNudge Ethics and Regulatory Discussion9/28/2018Meeting summary
PRIM-ER Ethics and Regulatory DiscussionPRIM-ER Ethics and Regulatory Discussion9/28/2018Meeting summary
GR-Slides-09-28-18Assessing and Reducing Risk of Re-identification When Sharing Sensitive Research Datasets9/28/2018Grand Rounds
Galinas et al Ann Intern Med 2018Overview of Patient-Centered Outcomes Research: Recommendations from a Delphi Panel9/25/2018Journal article
GR-Slides-09-21-18Returning Individual Research Results to Participants: Guidance for a New Research Paradigm9/21/2018Grand Rounds
PCTs DMC Charter TemplateData Monitoring Committee Charter for PCTs9/20/2018Template
Getting Started-WorksheetGetting Started with ePCTs Training Worksheet9/19/2018Toolkit
GR-Slides-09-14-18Advancing the Use of Mobile Technologies for Data Capture & Improved Clinical Trials9/14/2018Grand Rounds
GR-Slides-09-07-18NIH Collaboratory: Research Transformation in Progress9/7/2018Grand Rounds
Spotlight on Collaboratory Training Resources9/6/2018VideoDrs. Lesley Curtis and Wendy Weber of the NIH Collaboratory discuss training resources for designing and conducting embedded pragmatic clinical trials (ePCTs)
ePCT-EssentialsePCT-Essentials 9/6/2018ToolkitImportant things to think about and do when designing, conducting, and disseminating embedded PCTs
ePCT-Essentials-WorksheetePCT-Essentials-Worksheet9/6/2018TemplateThings to consider as you start your project
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