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Welcome to the Knowledge Repository, a searchable collection of resources related to pragmatic clinical trials, compiled by the NIH Collaboratory Coordinating Center. For additional content and information about the NIH Collaboratory, visit

A Paradigm Shift in Disseminating Clinical and Public Health Research7/12/2019Grand Rounds
Moving Beyond Return of Research Results to Return of Value6/28/2019Grand Rounds
Podcast 23 Good Clinical Practice Guidance and Pragmatic Trials in the Learning Health System6/21/2019Podcast
Good Clinical Practice Guidance and Pragmatic Trials: Balancing the Best of Both Worlds in the Learning Health System6/14/2019Grand Rounds
Essentials of ePCTs Seminar6/12/2019Study training
In Dreams Begin Responsibilities: Data Science as a Service-Using AI to Risk Stratify a Medicare Population and Build a Culture6/7/2019Grand Rounds
Adapting Clinical Trial Design to Meet the Needs of Learning Health Systems5/31/2019Grand Rounds
NIH Collaboratory Communication Channels5/28/2019Handout
The VITamin D and OmegA-3 TriaL (VITAL): Design and Results of a Large Pragmatic Trial5/17/2019Grand Rounds
1.Onboarding_Data and Resource Sharing Informational Document 5/15/2019Data and resource sharing
Treating Data as an Asset: Data Entrepreneurship in the Service of Patients5/10/2019Grand Rounds
Effects of Financial Bonus Sizes, Loss Aversion, and Increased Social Pressure on Physician Pay-for-Performance: A Randomized Trial and Cohort Study5/3/2019Grand Rounds
May 2019 NIH Workshop-Welcome5/2/2019Presentation
May 2019 NIH Workshop-Keynote5/2/2019Presentation
May 2019 NIH Workshop-Panel 1-Measurement and Data-Outcomes, Exposures, and Subgroups Based on EHR Data5/2/2019Presentation
May 2019 NIH Workshop-Panel 2-To Cluster or Not To Cluster?5/2/2019Presentation
May 2019 NIH Workshop-Panel 3-Choosing a Parallel Group or Stepped-Wedge Design5/2/2019Presentation
May 2019 NIH Workshop-Panel 4-Unique Complications5/2/2019Presentation
Keynote Panel-Meyers5/1/2019Presentation
Keynote Panel-Corrigan-Curay5/1/2019Presentation
Keynote Panel-Chin5/1/2019Presentation
Keynote Panel-Almirall5/1/2019Presentation
Landscape of ePCTS-Panel5/1/2019Presentation
Landscape of ePCTS-Panel5/1/2019Presentation
Landscape of ePCTS-Panel5/1/2019Presentation
Barriers and Challenges-TSOS5/1/2019Presentation
Barriers and Challenges-ICD-Pieces5/1/2019Presentation
Barriers and Challenges-PROVEN5/1/2019Presentation
Barriers and Challenges-SPOT5/1/2019Presentation
Barriers and Challenges-Lire5/1/2019Presentation
Review of Experiences with Manuscript Submissions5/1/2019Presentation
Data Sharing Policies5/1/2019Presentation
UG3 Updates-Nudge5/1/2019Presentation
UG3 Updates-PRIM-ER5/1/2019Presentation
UG3 Updates-GGC4H5/1/2019Presentation
UG3 Updates-EMBED5/1/2019Presentation
UG3 Updates-ACP PEACE5/1/2019Presentation
UG3 Updates-HiLo5/1/2019Presentation
SC-2019-Participant List5/1/2019
Core Consultation Slides5/1/2019
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