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The ECHO Program aims to foster a community of collaboration by sharing program materials with fellow researchers and others conducting critical science. Please note that the materials published on this site are for reference purposes only and will be updated on a rolling, quarterly basis to reflect the current materials in use. Materials for ECHO cohorts that pursue research questions outside of the ECHO-wide Cohort Data Collection Protocol may vary widely.

Biospecimen Resources

To support the uniform collection of biospecimens from ECHO-wide participants, members of the Biospecimens WG and their collaborators developed the following documents:
  • Collection, Processing & Storage (CPS) Protocols: provide step-by-step guidance for the collection and handling of each ECHO-wide specimen. They are specimen-specific and further divided by collection method (assisted vs. self) or collection location (site vs. home). The “Supporting Documents” section of each CPS protocol includes the names of documents and forms that must be followed in conjunction with the protocol.
  • Collection Instruction Sheets (CIS): provide detailed guidance for the participants or caregivers on how to collect a specimen and other information, such as how to mail a specimen if they collect the specimen at home.
  • Specimen Information Forms (SIF): forms that ask for specific information surrounding the condition of the participant and/or specimen. Participants or caregivers complete a hard copy at the time of specimen collection, either at home or at the site.
  • Specimen Tracking Forms (STF): forms that include sections about kit distribution, labels, collection, transport, receipt, processing, and storage. These forms serve as the key to link the specimen ID, specimen type, and storage container to the participant.
  • Specimen Tracking Form Completion Instructions: provide specifications on how to complete various sections of the STF. Each STF has STF completion instructions.
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